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To execute our mission, we partner up with leading forces in the field to create the most circular and adaptive building-system. With the support of our main development partner ARUP – a global leader in circular design, engineering and architecture – the Institute for the Digitization of the building sector (Universität Duisburg-Essen) and other partnering organizations from science and industry, we tackle the complex task of changing the way we build.


We believe that it needs strong companionship, a diverse skillset and leading expert knowledge from different domains to create a resilient and regenerative world for us and generations to come.

Thus, we celebrate a culture of co-creation, mutual learning and continuous improvement and join forces with academic, corporate and public institutions, merging circular hardware with digital tools and a systemic approach to re-imagine together, what a building is and can be.

We also partner up with our early adopters and offer life-long relationships for their buildings. Teaming up with customers and development partners, allows us to form a strong alliance to facilitate the emergence of a sustainable and attractive work- and lifestyle.


Our joint Vision is to make ADPT the leading force for adaptive buildings, trailblazing the transformation towards a fully circular economy. Together we aim at inspiring change in the built environment by creating a scalable building-kit for regenerative buildings that can adapt to changing needs, provide more freedom and peace of mind to customers and empower communities to live and work in congruence with nature.

We envision a future where our buildings contribute to the well-being, performance and resilience of all stakeholders, preserving planetary conditions which allow us and future generations to thrive.