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Following a design approach that aims at creating fully circular and adaptive buildings, we develop future-proof solutions for the present. By reimagining houses, we adjust them to a human-ecological scale and facilitate the emergence of a sustainable and attractive lifestyle.


To accelerate the transition of our concept for circular, climate positive and adaptive buildings into scalable products, F2K formed partnerships with Arup – one of the global leaders in engineering, planning and architecture – and the Institute for digitization of the construction industry (University of Duisburg Essen). Together we conquer uncharted circular and digital territory and explore circular business models for the benefit of our customers and our home planet.

F2K’s first product development is the ADPT-building kit. Current Status: Prototyping – production of first two building blocks as proof of concept. The first prototype has been successfully realized in 2022.


The building sector is responsible for approx. 40% of green-house gas emissions, up to 40% of raw material consumption and more than 50% of global waste. Billions of tons of valuable materials are stored in our built environment but can’t be reused, because “everything is baked together” (with concrete, adhesives, etc.) and can’t be separated as a result of our linear production processes. These numbers underline the enormous ecological, social and economic potential of changes in this industry. To unlock this potential, transformative, circular and scalable solutions are required. This is what F2K is aiming at.


In 2017 Bastian Michael and Lukas Reinhard began a research and development journey to create a fully circular, climate positive and agile building-system (think „Lego“) for houses that can easily adapt to specific sites and individual needs – at initial construction as well as over time. This led to the founding of Futur2K (F2K) in 2021 to create healthy, human centered and flexible buildings. Sharing the belief of Carlota Perez that green will not spread by guilt or fear, but by desire and aspiration, they set the course to create a building-kit, which is in congruence with climate goals, while at the same time offering new functions and aesthetics.

This kind of journey requires continuous innovation on multiple levels, but also to cherish the good things which are already here. To achieve this, F2K combines an artistic mindset with forward thinking engineering capabilities and a rigorous scientific approach. By connecting the disruptive power of digital tools with principles of a non-linear economy, F2K helps to accelerate the transition towards a fully circular building industry.


The Four Basic Principles


With ADPT, building your house will be easier than ever at every step of the journey (a bit like “Plug n‘ Play“).


ADPT is modular and scalable (Think „Lego“). It‘s customizable, allowing maximum flexibility to adapt to your needs and site.


ADPT is made to evolve with you. If life or contexts change, your building can change with you.


Every element of ADPT has been designed with circularity in mind for a future proof and healthy lifestyle.


Building with ease: Building an ADPT-house is easier than any conventional form of building. No need for long time periods with noise, dirt, weather dependent risks and other unpleasant aspects associated with conventional building processes on site. Thanks to their prefab and modular nature ADPT-buildings can arrive on site ready to be used and are set up in a short time. Full transparency regarding costs, construction time and lifecycle assessment up front enable informed decision making without surprises.


Adaptive & Scalable: Thanks to their flexibility regarding building size, materials, features and floorplans, ADPT-buildings can adapt to specific sites and individual needs, offering a high degree of customization. The innovative ADPT-connect-system allows you to connect and disconnect modules as needed (think Lego). A single module can be used as a space efficient micro house. Modules can be stacked up to the dimension of family-houses, entire residential-, office- or campus-buildings. Due to their flexibility ADPT-buildings can merge into existing urban structures or top up existing buildings in line with current redensification demands, unlocking new economic opportunities and additional living and workspace. If you look for office-space in your backyard or a hideaway in a scenic environment, a single building block can serve this purpose.


In a world that is in constant fluctuation, contexts and needs may change over time. This is why ADPT-buildings have a built-in capacity to evolve with you. Their scalability and reversibility allow you to change, add or sell modules as required if your site and local building regulations fulfill the prerequisites to do so. The same is true for elements (roof terrace, exteriors, windows, floorplans, technology etc.). If necessary and economically feasible, modules can even move with you, an aspect which becomes increasingly relevant for people and organizations who plan to build in close proximity to rising sealevels or in otherwise dynamic environments. When additional space is needed on a temporarily basis, i.e. to unlock the economic potential of unused land or to take care of a family member, adding a module for a certain time-period is feasable as well. The flexible, reversible and agile nature of ADPT buildings changes what a house is and can be.


Circular solutions are the core of the ADPT-building-kit and the underlying factor empowering its ability to adapt and evolve. F2K and ARUP developed a radical framework to implement circularity on the following dimensions: context, social, module (material, elements & entire modules) business model, (digital) processes. Biobased and upcycled materials form the basis of the building and promote health, climate positive solutions and waste reduction. Due to the innovative ADPT-connection system, modules and elements (i.e. façade) are separable from each other according to their individual lifespans, allowing them to enter a circular stream of re-use, up-cycling and resource mining. Thus ADPT-buildings represent material banks, breaking the traditional pattern of building, using and demolishing. Instead of becoming waste, ADPT-buildings can “regenerate” over time. Even the ultimate “end product” is a set of valuable resources which can be reused and monetized. This is one of multiple examples how the ADPT-building-kit is complemented by a circular business model, which is currently being tested to add value for customers, businesses and the common good.

Adaptive – From linear to circular


Linear processes are energy- and resource intensive, lead to waste and incentivize planned obsolescence. Does not sound too good to us. Applying circular economy principles to the building sector in a way radical enough, to have a positive and significant impact on climate and resources when scaled, requires to completely change the way buildings are imagined, planned, realized, operated and dealt with at the end of their lifecycle. Such a “radical” circular mindset led to developing the “ADPT-building-kit”. ADPT is keeping modules, elements and materials at their highest value, by circulating them internally within the ADPT-system and by implementing circular business models and processes on various levels.

Simply modular –
Good for nature and unparalleled degrees of freedom for users

Buildings within ADPT are made up of different layers with different lifespans. The individual layers are separable from each other, allowing reusability, recyclability and customized exchange. At the end of their life-cycle, the buildings are not waste, but material banks where valuable modules, elements and materials are stored, waiting to be monetized, reused or refurbished and applied elsewhere. The inherent constructive flexibility is the basis of the Lego-like building-kit and also provides more degrees of Freedom than any other solid house. Change it, modify or move it. Or just leave it as it is. After all it’s a house and not a van. All choices are in your hands.

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Simply circular

ADPT in Context…

Can: start big or small, grow, move, transform, modify etc.
Use scenarios: diverse single- or multi-unit buildings such as new homes, workspaces, campus buildings, urban ecoVillage, vacation houses, extensions including roof tops, etc.

ADPT facilitates…

Human centered and individualized design
Scaling of circular solutions
Circular business models
Utilization of digital processes (Blockchain / Ontological Networks)
Quick learn- and adapt-loops

Source from…

Bio- and recycle-based materials

ADPT offers maximum flexibility. The building system can be added to, expanded, downsized and repurposed as needed. The modules can even be easily relocated from one place to another as needed.

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The flexibility of the „ADPT“-kit is the enabling factor to reimagine what a building is and can be. ADPT buildings can morph into different shapes, dimensions and functions for a variety of use scenarios. Examples are family-houses, residential-, office- or campus-buildings. Further options are redensification of existing urban structures, topping up existing buildings, or a small hideaway in a scenic environment.

The larger building structures are based on multiple interconnected building blocks. Due to the innovative ADPT connection System, even those larger building structures are completely reversible and can be expanded, modified and reallocated on demand.

What we already achieved

We successfully finished Development phase 1 in 2022, where structural elements and material exploration have been in focus.

Material related circularity 84%
2 times durability of BAU 100%
Detachability index 67%
Available for reuse and recycling after lifetime 68%

Aiming at climate positive solutions and zero waste, we made great progress with our first prototype. One example of many: more carbon is captured in the product than emitted throughout the entire production phase. With the new learnings and experiences from the last months, we can‘t wait to start round two.

Folkwang Project

We are thankful for having been granted the opportunity to showcase the very first prototype of our adaptive, circular and scalable building system at one of Germany’s most renowned Museums: Museum Folkwang. “Building block No 1” has been chosen to become part of the museums 100-year anniversary exhibition “Folkwang and the city”, which is dedicated to „important future issues and the role of art and culture in current transformation processes“ with a special focus on how we want to live.

„Building Block No 1“ was a great opportunity for us to explore circular materials and the constructive innovations we need for our adaptive building system. We are thankful for everyone who contributed and enjoyed to celebrate this first step of the development journey right at the Cities major roundabout, where our module has been a central element of the “ecoVillage” installation. This „Non-place“ which hardly played a role in the thoughts and hearts of the citizens has been successfully transformed into a temporary green habitat for three months. Right in the middle of Germany’s biggest urban agglomeration international artists, decision makers, locals and eco-impact-start ups came together to explore the opportunities of a future proof tomorrow today.

Impressions from site / exhibition opening


Bringing ambitious ideas to life is only possible within a network of strong partnerships and with the support of excellent and creative minds. We are thankful for everyone who became part of the ADPT development already and learn from and with our partners every day. It’s them who allow us to transform our vision into physical reality, pushing boundaries in order to execute the plan as intended. Or better ;)


Arup University
Institute for Digitization of the building industry
(University Duisburg-Essen)


Baumgarten GmbH


Impact Factory
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Baukultur NRW

Stay tuned. More to come soon.

Or connect with us. Become part of the F2K-development via social media or send us an e-mail. Enabling a future proof lifestyle will require joint forces.

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