In 2017 Bastian Michael and Lukas Reinhard began a research and development journey to create a fully circular, climate positive and agile building-system (think „Lego“) for houses that can easily adapt to specific sites and individual needs – at initial construction as well as over time. This led to the founding of Futur2K (F2K) in 2021 to create healthy, human centered and flexible buildings. Sharing the belief of Carlota Perez that green will not spread by guilt or fear, but by desire and aspiration, they set the course to create a building-kit, which is in congruence with climate goals, while at the same time offering new functions and aesthetics.

This kind of journey requires continuous innovation on multiple levels, but also to cherish the good things which are already here. To achieve this, F2K combines an artistic mindset with forward thinking engineering capabilities and a rigorous scientific approach. By connecting the disruptive power of digital tools with principles of a non-linear economy, F2K helps to accelerate the transition towards a fully circular building industry.